A Lovers’ Quarrel

When I see a lovely couple sitting together on a bench in a park, I sometimes try to imagine how the two would quarrel about random everyday stuff. It belongs to life–and therefore also to relationships. But despite a highly active imagination, I rarely succeed in putting the two lovebirds in a scene where they go off on each other about (as it most of the time is) trivial things. Things that most likely will be forgotten an hour or two later. Which is weird, because, like everybody else, I too have had more than my fair share of disputes with people I love or have loved. So you would think I would have more than enough examples from my own life. By the way, I never remember the times I won some of those fights. But the moments I behaved shamefully, I remember vividly. And years later I would still be weighed down by guilt and have the need to say sorry a thousand times, even though the person in question had gracefully forgiven any transgression I may have committed a long, long time ago.


  1. Peakspeak says:

    Sweeeet… 💛🌼

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    1. Khadim Zaman says:

      Thank you ☺️


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