Salah, The Companion Android

“General Humeer Agzanay,” Interpol officer Cyrilla said in a formal tone, standing up and assuming a straight posture, “as the European Cyber Wars treaty of 2187 states, all weapons of mass destruction residing within territories of the European Federation must be decommissioned. You, as such, have been classified by both European and International law as a WMD weapon, and therefore must be removed from service.”

Salah, The Companion Android

Second Earth

We created them. They loved us. Then we betrayed them.

The shocking part of that news was not that the probe had suffered some sort of a malfunction (that was pretty obvious), but that it was increasing it velocity as it was approaching Earth. Nobody was able to establish communications with the renegade probe. Not the humans on Earth, nor the two dozen other probes scattered through the Solar System, that all by now had aborted their mission, waiting—completely stunned—for events to enfold.

Second Earth

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