A King Among Beggars

If she tell you she wants you, tell her you’ve been waiting for the Sun to crush the dark, for the sky to free the birds, for her to find you.

If she tells you she hates you, tell her you will love her wounds away, you will pluck at her soul, caress her loneliness until she forgives you.

If she agrees to marry you, run into the streets and dance, dance with joy you fool, for with those words she just made you a King among beggars and gave you the keys to a Paradise before entering the Eternal one.

And at the end of each and every day — when she is sound asleep — leave her in your bedroom, and, during the sacred parts of the night, pray to the Almighty. Pray and give thanks to your Creator. For what he has blessed you with, is the envy of a multitude of men, past, present, and future.