Self-Publishing: A Hunger Game Competition for My Poetry

To make things interesting, I am thinking about culling the bottom 5% of all poetry and prose I selected for my soon-to-be-published book Love Like Yesterday Didn’t Happen.


Before making any final decision, I would like to ask you (my followers) if perhaps some of those pieces should be kept in the collection?

To start things off: the following poem has been nominated (by me) to be removed from my poetry book Love Like Yesterday Didn’t Happen. I do not like the ending, and I have given up on trying to fix it.

So, what do you think, should I keep it in? Or does it have to go?

Bent over
Looking down at your phone
Your friends virtual
The smile on your face real
Bent over
Looking down at my phone
I missed your glance
Your disappointment fleeting
Maybe we will meet online, someday
In a fairy tale forest of Likes
I will be your Big Bad Wolf
Your Prince Charming
You, my Princess
Or, Wicked Witch perhaps?
We could be what we want to be
My dear

A Fairy Tale of Likes, by Khadim Zaman